A unique analysis of the percentage of students who are nontraditional music students and how they should be encouraged in different areas of music and sound. By not granting them the same opportunity to pursue music they will never develop skill to become an outstanding composer in a medium the musicians of traditional notation may never be able to understand. In this document, Nontraditional Music Students are referred to as “NTMs”.

“….We might entertain the idea that someone who never
does develop skills on conventional instruments could become a gifted
performer on unconventional ones…. Someone who never learned to read
conventional notation might nonetheless become an outstanding composer
in some medium where notation has yet to be invented, or may even be
impossible to invent”

McAllester, David. (1967). The substance of things hoped for. From Documentary
Report of the Tanglewood Symposium, MENC, 1967, p. 96-99.

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