A big topic in music technology, particularly audio education communities is the wave of high schools now looking to incorporate music technology into their programs.

Question: What about the high school programs that have already had success in their music technology offerings? Who are they? What are they doing? How can my program start to explore designing our own courses?

Below are a few examples of great music technology programs we’ve seen implemented in High Schools

Arcadia High School (Phoenix, AZ):


The nationally recognized Arcadia High School CMAS (Creative Musical Arts and Sciences) program, Phoenix, Arizona, is considered by many Music Education and Industry experts to be the model for Creativity based music programs. Students gain significant, real world, industry training while learning to develop and refine their own Creative process. Intended as a completely open creative platform, with no musical restrictions of any kind, students need no experience to be part of the program, and earn Fine Arts, Career and Technical Education, and even college credit, for their work. Each year CMAS presents dozens of original student performances, releases multiple albums, produces community events, and hosts numerous university Music Education student interns and student teachers. The program was created and is facilitated by Musician/Producer, and GRAMMY® nominee Richard Maxwell.

KOFA High School (Yuma, AZ)

You wouldn’t guess from looking at the website that there is an outstanding Audio & Music program offered at this high school. Headed by the lead instructor of the music technology program, Adrian Matthews, KOFA is adopting a high level music technology program that is comparable to University programs found around the world. Students at the high school level are engaging in recording studios with inline consoles!

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